Friday, March 11, 2016

Using Golf Range Netting For Safety and Other Purposes

Golf range netting is a very flexible barrier that can be erected just about anywhere in order to prevent golf balls from going where they are not supposed to. The path of the hit golf ball is not always straight, so in that case the netting can prevent damage from golf balls in parking lots, along streets, and in places such as clubhouses where people might be dining out of doors.

A golf range netting is used primarily by golfers who wish to practice their shots, but the shots do not always head straight out to the point that they are intended. Since it is the objective of the management of the golf range, to recover the balls at the end of the day, the netting helps to keep the golf balls confined to the area of the range itself.

This saves time and effort when it comes time to collect the balls, as they are not out in the woods somewhere or along the highway. They can then be conveniently picked up and be ready for use on the next day.

Golf range netting is relatively inexpensive and easily configured to whatever boundaries necessary in order to create safe and efficient boundaries.

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